Monday, January 3, 2011

Deal of the Week- Quaker Oatmeal

   This week's deal of the week is a staple: Quaker Oatmeal! It's heart-healthy, whole grains, low in fat, and just all around awesome. I like the canisters because they aren't full of preservatives and sugar like the box of flavored packets. I buy the quick oats and add cinnamon, raw sugar, and milk.
   This week Red Plum had $1off coupons for Quaker Oatmeal and it was buy one get one free at Publix this week. The cost was $2.89- $2.00 (2 coupons) for a grand total of .89 for two canisters. This breaks down to roughly .46 a canister. Each canister has 13 servings (this is the official label serving- I feel like I get more) so it works out to about .03 cents a serving. When was the last time your breakfast cost 3 cents? I stocked up on 6 canisters since they don't expire until May 2012.

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